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Our team Meet the Crew!

We have made it our mission to make your stay memorable and relaxing. We consider ourselves one big family and that is how we treat our guests as well - we make you feel at home, even though far away from it. Cultivar has grown over the last years and we´ve put a lot of hard work and loving care into our boutique hotel and we most certainly hope that you will be able to feel this the minute you arrive. 

No matter his or her position, we think that every single of our team members is just as important as any other one - no matter if you are part of the lovely housekeeping team, take good care of our facilities or if you greet guests at reception or are the General Manager. Everybody counts and we all love making your stay a wonderful and long-lasting experience that you can take back home with you. 

The Cultivar Guest Lodge team is looking forward to welcoming you to Stellenbosch and the Western Cape Winelands!  

Freddy - Our mascot

Freddy has his own working schedule, generally he prefers early mornings or the time during dusk. However, he normally decides himself whether or not he shows up for his shift. We have tried to convince him with anything you can think about: leaves, beetles, bugs and even cookies. But Freddy has his own stubborn head. Maybe you´re lucky and catch a glimpse of him when wandering around our endless garden. One hint: He loves to hang out in the lavender and pretends to be purple... 

The girls

Our girls will make sure that you feel at home in an instant: in your room, in the morning during breakfast, while you relax at the pool and enjoy the South African sun. Muriel, Elanza and her crew will anticipate any wish that you might possible have and make sure that you are taken good care of. As well, they're always up for a good laugh and their giggling is quite catching. So, if you hear a crazy outburst of laughter, be sure that Muriel or Elanza are not far away. 

The guys

Barny, Chako and Kosie take care of guys things - you would think! But even though they generally make sure that everything works smoothly at Cultivar, our guys jump in wherever they are needed. Even when it comes to cleaning a room, stitching up pool cushions or ironing our guest´s nice shirts - here are allrounders at work and we love it. However, especially Barny is the happiest when he can use his toys (= tools) and something needs to be repaired. Just ask him about "Noddy" and you will put a smile on his face for sure! 

Nolalaza takes good care of everyone´s security at night but is also available to help with words and deeds - whether you need an extra blanket at night, would like to have a fire or braai or simply like to have a chat. Nolalaza is around all night. 

Delia - The Good Soul

Delia is not only Mariette´s right hand and our receptionist but also the good soul of Cultivar. She has been with Cultivar forever and loves to make our guests happy. If you need anything, Delia will most certainly know how to make it happen and will always do it with a sincere smile on her face. 

Delia started as one of our housekeeping girls and did such a fantastic job that she was promoted to Supervisor of Back of House. Well, and since she continuously takes care of the guests, she now is at reception to assist you with bookings, reservations, activities and she also knows where the wine is... 

Ulandi - Our Head of Everything

Ulandi is our General Manager and you will definitely find her - well - everywhere. She holds all strings together and makes sure that all our guests are happy and being taken care of. With her kind nature she is of assistance in whatever you need or would like to know. Ulandi has a broad experience in the hospitality industry and has worked in various well-known places and now, well, at Cultivar Guest Lodge and not only the guests but also the team is very happy about this. 

Ulandi will always give a helping hand and makes sure everything runs smoothly at Cultivar. And be sure: Her genuine laugh will definitely make you smile as well!