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Food & Wine Foodists will find themselves in 7th Heaven - Stellenbosch is a gourmet mekka!

Stellenbosch is one of its kind - with more than 200 vineyards, it is one of the most reknown regions for tasting world-class wine. However, did you know that Stellenbosch also has numberous globally ranked restaurants that offer mouth-watering menus and create delicious meals in perfect combination with a good red or white? A visit to South Africa is not complete withouth visiting this laid-back student city, with a prime location being only 40 minutes away from the "Mother City" Cape Town. 

Many of the vineyards and restaurants have made it a tradition to pair wine with other tasty (and sometimes sinful) treats, wine and cheese being quite well known. But how about wine and chocolate as well as wine and chocolate, brandy or pancakes? Stellenbosch has it all! 

Here at Cultivar, we are more than happy to recommend restaurants and vineyards to you. Whether you like it fancy and nice or rather laid back and easy-going, the perfect lunch or dinner is just waiting for you. The choice is your´s!